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Q.Why do I need Disability Income Protection?


A. Disability Income Protection (DI) protects your income in the event of illness or injury when you cannot work as suggested by your doctor. If you do not protect your income then it will make it very hard to pay bills, the mortgage and even simple things we take for granted like food and gas. Think about what you would do if your income stopped today! What would happen to you and your family?


Q.Won’t ACC Cover that?


A. ACC only protects you from an accident not from illness or a trauma, such as cancer, heart attack or a stroke.


Q.How can I protect my family in the event of my death?


A. When you die life insurance pays out a lump sum to the owner of the policy (usually your spouse) or whoever is specified in your will. The lump sum can be any amount that is needed to pay off you’re mortgages, funeral costs, unpaid taxes and more.

Also there are policies that pay a lump sum and a monthly payment to your family on your death. This monthly payment for example may be $2000 a month for 15 years to help with your children’s education.


Q.How do I know if I need any of these insurance products?


A. At Apex Consulting our first appointment is for us to get to know you and your needs. We fill out a Financial X-ray, which gives us all the information we need to make sure you are offered the right products. At any time you can call us or email us to make a free appointment or to answer any questions you may have.