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This page is designed to give an outline of just a few of the products that are important throughout your life. We have also provided some statistics, to help outline the importance of each insurance product.


Life Cover: -

                        This covers your life on your death, and can also be called love cover because it pays out to your family or as indicated in your will. Life cover is paid out in a lump sum of money and can also include a monthly amount say, $2000 for 15 years to help get your children through school.

            1 in 6 males over the age of 30 will die before they reach 64.

            1 in 9 females over the age of 30 will die before they reach 64.

            (Statistics New Zealand, 2004)


Disability Income Protection: -

                        We believe your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income. Income protection pays a monthly percentage of your income and can pay until you are 65 years old.

            4 out of 10 New Zealanders reported some type of disability or long-term illness. (New Zealand Ministry of Health, 2000)


Trauma: -

                        After a trauma such as, but not limited to, a heart attack, cancer or stroke. Trauma coverage pays out a lump sum to help pay off debts and continue your lifestyle.

            2 out of 5 men and 1 in 4 women suffer a critical illness between ages 30 and 64. (General Cologne Life RE Australia, 2002)

            57% of heart attack patients will be alive 1 year later.

(British Heart Foundation)

            78% of stroke patients will be alive 1 year later.

(Morbidity and Hospital data Vol. 2. 1993)

60% of cancer sufferers will survive at least 5 years from diagnosis.

(Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2001)

(Cancer Survival in Australia, 2001)


Medical Cover: -

                        This does not cover your general practitioner, but instead provides 100% reimbursement of covered reasonable charges, such as medical hospitalization in a private hospital, general surgery in a private hospital; cardiac surgery performed in a private hospital, oral surgery, specialist consultations and more.




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